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Natural Stone Repair & Restoration | San Jose | Silicon Valley CA

Your Natural Stone Surfaces Can Be Restored to Like New

You don't need to replace your natural stone when it becomes dull-looking, stained, dirty, or damaged. Heavenly Touch Stone Care provides expert cleaning, polishing, repair and restoration services for marble and limestone, granite, travertine, slate, terrazzo, and other natural stone floors, countertops, and other surfaces in homes and businesses throughout the San Jose and Silicon Valley CA area.

If your marble doesn't shine like it used to....

The elegance of marble can be diminished if it becomes stained, dull and dirty-looking, etched (a.k.a. "watermarks"), or otherwise damaged, which is pretty much inevitable for marble in kitchen and bath settings. We use proven restoration methods to clean, polish and hone (refinish), repair, and seal your marble, restoring the finish of your floors, walls, stairs, vanity tops, showers, and other residential and commercial applications.

We have the expertise to work with granite.

Granite is a hard surface, great for high-traffic commercial floors and kitchen countertops, but it isn't impervious to damage. It can become scratched and dull, and because of its hardness, granite can be challenging to restore. At Heavenly Touch Stone Care, we have the education, training, and experience to properly polish, and restore residential and commercial granite floors, countertops, and other surfaces. We also repair cracks and chips, remove topical coatings and stains, and provide regular maintenance services so your granite always looks exquisite.

Properly maintained travertine can last a lifetime.

Travertine is beautiful and versatile, but it can become etched and unsightly if it is not properly sealed and then exposed to acidic substances. Travertine also has naturally occurring holes. Depending on your preference and surrounding decor, these holes may add warmth and character to your home or business. For those who prefer a marble-like honed or polished finish, Heavenly Touch Stone Care can fill in holes and give your travertine the finish you prefer. Our specialized travertine repair and refinishing services include cleaning, honing and/or polishing, lippage removal, scratch and etch removal, sealing, maintenance, and virtually any other travertine service you need.

We are expert slate restorers.

Slate is a truly unique natural stone that can be absolutely stunning with the proper care and maintenance. Not all natural stone restoration companies have a good, solid understanding of the qualities of slate or the skills necessary to restore its textured, uneven surface. Our professional technicians have the education and training to identify and resolve virtually slate problems. From stripping layers of topical finishes and cleaning dirt and grime to giving grout a uniform appearance with color sealing and enhancing the natural beauty of your slate, we do it all. We can achieve fantastic results and provide the finish you want, from glossy to low-luster or matte, and we can seal and protect your slate so it is easier to maintain.

Yes, we perform terrazzo miracles.

When terrazzo has been buried under carpet for years it gets very dirty and dull-looking, or if it has been covered with layers and layers of coatings, these layers becomes yellowed, scuffed, and unsightly. With professional restoration, your terrazzo can look brand new again. Don't cover or replace your terrazzo. Heavenly Touch Stone Care can exceed your expectations with our expert restoration services, from honing and polishing away stains and damage to achieving a gloss or matte finish that eliminates the need to wax and strip, saving you time, money, and effort.

We service the San Jose and Silicon Valley CA area.

We are natural stone specialists who know how to repair cracks, chips, and bad seams, remove etching and efflorescence, and resolve virtually any natural stone problem you — at a fraction of the cost of replacement. We can also repair improper natural stone installations, for example, if your floor has lippage (uneven tiles), we can achieve a level surface, reducing trip-and-fall hazards, not to mention dramatically improving the appearance of your floor.

With Heavenly Touch Stone Care, your floors can look brand new again! Contact us online or call (408) 497-4354 today for an estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.