Cafe Concrete Polishing and Sealing

  • Redwood City Concrete Polishing
    We specialize in polishing new construction concrete.
  • Redwood City Concrete Polishing
    This image demonstrates what the floor looked like BEFORE our concrete polishing work was complete.
  • Redwood City Concrete Polishing
    Notice the dramatic difference between the previous image and this AFTER image.
  • Redwood City Concrete Polishing
    We polished this concrete floor to an elegant, reflective finish.

Redwood City Concrete Polishing

When the popular Coupa Cafe became the new tenant at The Marston by Windsor, a large apartment building at the corner of Main and Marshall in Redwood City, California, we were called in to get the new construction concrete floors prepared for patrons.

Concrete Polishing and Sealing

We polished the concrete to a beautiful, glass-like 800 grit finish. The floor looked great without any need to add color. We also applied a high quality sealer to inhibit staining. The owners were very pleased with the outcome. High traffic and use from Silicon Valley techies enjoying their Venezuelan coffee won't be a problem with this long-lasting, low-maintenance flooring solution.

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